The shoe factory's foundation hails from 1891, when Pietro Martegani and his wife Ida decided to start up a shoe factory in Legnano. With the dramatic social situation and the fiscal worsening the Martegani's business spirit didn't let to discourage himself, in fact in 1911 the factory, in Legnano, kept busy fifty workers.

Before the first world war the factory was moved to Tradate and, after the war, began a expansion period reaching market like Austria-Germany and Siria. In the 20s the factory's management passed to Ettore Martegani, Pietro's son, and in 1926 kept busy 150 workers.

The story proceed with prestige and crisis, the second world war and in 1957 Romano Martegani, with his father and his sisters, restarted founding Tradate's shoe factory. The business development continue up to the trademark became a focus in Italy and abroad Italy. In 1985 with 66 employees and a subsidiary in the USA the factory recall itself “Romano Martegani” and became the focus trademark of the Italian shoe in the USA.

"These are the showroom's years in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and the company's centenary."

Romano Martegani leads the company to the new millennium's gateway keeping unchanged the production's image and target. One thing combine the far 1891 and our days: the recession that accompany us since years.

The reference market for the Martegani shoes was only the American, but after the 09/11 and the dollar's devaluation and the recession everything changes: market rules, monetary rules. One of the antidote that a lot of Italian reality choose to trust, especially fashion reality, is to recourse to labor in other countries, to limit the cost causing a quality detriment wreaking the dispersion of our patrimony of manufacturing know how or, at last, the trademark assignment to holding company or big Brand. Romano Martegani had the idea to reinforce the collaboration with Aldo and Giancarlo Corti, which entrust the external production of some shoes model. Aldo and Giancarlo, praising an experience of 20 years in their father's company, are the new partner for the factory's relaunch. The manpower is the primary component of our product, the most arduous element to find in quality terms. The new arrangement lets to “Romano Martegani”, making treasure of the century experience in the field, to find new reasons to keep creating in Italy, to move our clientele. The future strategy aim for the total shoe look for men: different type for work, free time, the special occasion, characterized by different trademark, history's testimonial of two reality production become a only one productive brand, 100% made in Italy.